Weekly Review: Side Hustle

This week I published the following posts:

  • Daniel Tiger and the Pope
  • Five New Words a Day
  • Must Love Data: Intro to Data Science Week 2 – Relational Databases, Relational Algebra
  • Speech of the Week: Excellent Communication Skills
  • Consumage: A New Cult on The Leftovers & Finding Your Dream

Completed my third speech in two weeks at Friday’s Prep Speaks Toastmasters Club. I presented, Excellent Communication Skills.

My plans for this week.

Create a side hustle this week. It doesn’t have to be a business but find some freelance work I can complete in my spare time. I want it to relate to my main concentrations of data science, programming, and technology. My goal for this week is to land my first paying gig.

Write a speech everyday.

Mon: Must Love Data: Write about week three and Free Code Camp
Tue: Build a Trail: Side Hustles
Wed: Market Musings
Thu: Speech of the Week: Keep Them Laughing
Fri: FreeStyle
Sat: Consumage: It’s Happening Again.
Sun: Weekly Review

On Friday, complete my fourth speech of my speech every week challenge. This week I’m going to write project 4 from the Humorously Speaking manual but I think I might try to present Evaluate to Motivate to complete one of the successful club speeches for Advanced Leadership Bronze.  The point of this week’s speech is to prepare a speech that opens with a self-deprecating joke, strings together two or three related jokes in the speech body, and closes the speech with a humorous story.  The speech should be 5-7 minutes.  Whether I present the Evaluate to Motivate or project 4, I want to have project 4 completely done by friday so it’s ready to go for the following week.

Code everyday on FreeCodeCamp.

Finish my current book, Pitch Anything.

Keep learning five new words a day.

Practice my Italian on Duolingo everyday.

Theme for the end of the year:  Write everyday, code everyday, and speak every week.