Must Love Data & Code: Read-Search-Ask

Since originally trying the FreeCodeCamp in June, I’ve been focusing on my Summer of Data Science. I’ve learned a lot focusing on Data Science research for the majority of the year. The one thing I feel like I’m missing is hacker skills. For many years I’ve been trying to learn to code. I’ve completed MOOCs, read books, and even completed graduate level course. I can write code, I can create programs, but I’ve felt like I’ve never really gotten “it.”

That’s why I want to focus on learning the full stack and building a portfolio. I’ve tried a number of educational resources in the past year and i think FreeCodeCamp offers the best all around experience when you factor in cost, community, and resources. For the rest of the year, I’ll be focusing on learning the full stack with JavaScript. 

When I last worked with FreeCodeCamp, I worked through HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap but since that time they’ve switched from using Codacdemy’s resources to their own. This made me decide to basically start over from the beginning. Yesterday, I worked through the the, Getting Started, section and I found a good explanation of how to research your programming questions. Almost every MOOC or tutorial I’ve taken has usually had some type of similar explanation that I think everyone who deals with any type of code should read and understand.

FreeCodeCamp recommends that when you get stuck or don’t know what to do next: Read-Search-Ask. This is taken directly from the FreeCodeCamp tutorial:

  1. First, read the documentation or error message. A key skill that good coders have is the ability to interpret and then follow instructions.
  2. If that didn’t help, search Google. Good Google queries take a lot of practice. When you search Google, you usually want to include the language or framework you’re using. You also want to limit the results to a recent period.
  3. If that didn’t help, ask your friends. If you have trouble, you can ask your fellow campers in our help chat room.

Tonight, I’ll be working my way through the first hour of HTML5 & CSS.