Speech of the Week: Humorously Speaking Project 3 Make Them Laugh – Excellent Communication Skills

This is my third speech in two weeks. It’s the third project in the Toastmasters advanced manual Humorously Speaking which is titled, Make Them Laugh. The title of my speech was, Excellent Communication Skills, and it’s about the most overused line on job descriptions. The speech should start and end with a humorous story and include jokes I between the key points. The length should be five to seven minutes.

A son was talking on the phone with his mother about Christmas and what she was thinking of buying his girlfriend for Christmas. She mentioned something called, dingkie.

Mom, do you mean D-K-N-Y?

Communication skills might be the most important trait of any employee or coworker. That’s why companies looking for people with excellent communication skills maybe the most overused line on a job posting. Today I’m ranting on three questions.
1) What are excellent communication skills?
When I’m talking about communication skills I’m thinking about four topics:

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

What is the definition of excellent? Extremely good; outstanding.

What are examples of people with excellent communication skills?

Am I the the fastest, most accurate reader in the word? I’m not. Who is?

Am I the best listener? No

Can I speak like Tony Robbins?

Write like Hemingway?

A man and his wife are taking a road trip. The man asks for some gum in the constable. 

The wife replies, “Do you mean the center console?”

2) What are some examples of poor communications?

Give examples of poor communications.

Use the example of talking with a support person about an issue I was having in a system environment but they thought I was talking about a similar issue in a different environment.

Trying to decipher a friends text messages.

The difference between documents, emails, and same time. I hate same time.

A wife said to her husband that his fantasy football team was like the Bearenstein Bears because they never win.

The husband replied, “I think you meant the Bad News Bears.”

3) How do you improve you communication skills?

Here are three books and one manual you may have heard of to improve the four types of communication skills I’ve talked about today.


How to Read a Book by Mortimor Adler, Mortimer was the chairman of editors for the encylopedia Britanica. In this book Mortimer teaches you how to read and get the most out of everybook you pick up.


Look no further than you toastmasters competent leadership manual where there is a project on Listening and you can also check out the effective evaulation pdf on toastmasters international.


Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is the classic book on writing and grammar.


Toastmasters’ Competent Communication manual and Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds, the presentation that makes your presentations clean and beautiful.

We’ve talked about what are excellent communication skills, examples of poor communication skills, and how to improve.
One time when I could have used some help with my communication skills was the time my uncles took an eight year boy golfing, I got attacked by fire ants, smelled like vodka, and stole a golf cart. I had no problem listening about how to drive the golf cart and I even realized how to turn the cart around. What I didn’t do well was listening and learning how to STOP the golf cart. It resulted in me running the golf cart into a tree.