Five New Words a Day

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin recommended challenging yourself to learning five new words a day. He posted a pdf of a book he published twenty years ago that was about 1,000 million dollar words.

For awhile, I’ve been thinking I need to start increasing my vocabulary and learning five new words a day isn’t a strenuous challenge.  That’s why I’ve decided to take five words from the previously mentioned book and practice them throughout the day. 

Today’s words:

  1. Abdabs: So nervous, you jitter or quake.
  2. Abject: Extremely humiliated or bebased.
  3. Ablution: A ritual cleansing.
  4. Abnegate: To deny oneself something.
  5. Abrogate: To formally annul or cancel.

Inspired by this Seth Godin blog post.