Weekly Review: Everyday I’m Hustling

Here’s what I completed during the week:

  • Completed two toastmasters speeches from the Toastmasters Advanced Communication manual titled, Humorously Speaking, project 1: Warm Up Your Audience – Speech Every Week, project 2: Leave Them With a Smile.
  • Worked through UWash Intro to Data Science Week 2.
  • Started reading the book, Data Analysis.
  • Started writing Project 3: Make Them Laugh for my speech of the week on Friday. I’m not sure if I’m going to do this speech or do the Successful Club Series, Evaluate to Motivate.

Wrote six blog posts. A little delayed but still written:

  • Must Love Data Mondays: Week 1 of #uwdatasci Introduction to Data Science
  • Speech of the Week: Speech Every Week Another Version
  • Build a Trail: Two Speeches in One Day
  • Consumage: Family TV
  • Curation is Key
  • Dad’s life lesson # 11

Here’s what I plan to complete the following week:

Mon: Must Love Data Mondays: Week 2 of #uwdatasci Introduction to Data Science – Relational Databases and SQL
Tue: Speech of the Week: Excellent Communication Skills
Wed: Market Musings
Thu: Build a Trail
Fri: Freestyle
Sat: Consumage
Sun: Weekly Review

  • Post completed speech on Tuesday’s Speech of the Week post, record a practice run of the speech, and present the speech on Friday.
  • Complete Week 3 of #uwdatasci Introduction to Data Science.
  • Write 750 words each day.
  • Create Toastmasters Dawn Patrol Testimonials page
  • Email Toastmasters Dawn Patrol recap
  • Find an option to create a side hustle.
  • Take a picture for each one of my new blog posts.