Curation is Key

You’ve created a product and now people actually pay for it. Great! Now you and a lot of other people have created a lot of products. 

How do you let you customers know what to buy? Many people will call this marketing or sales tactics but there is a difference between those things and I what I think more businesses need to focus. That’s curation. Most people want to be told what to buy.

An example of a business that needs to implement curation is a local eyglass company, Eyetipue. Last week, I was there getting a updated eye exam. When I was done with the exam the sales clerk told me to look around. I had an idea what I wanted but I really don’t know what fits my face or what looks are popular. Instead of sending me off to muddle around the store the clerk should of had a selection of glasses prepared for me that fit my face and different. Then sit me down, get my opinions on each frame, and then help me to focus on the type of glasses I’m interested in.

Eyetipue starts by capturing frame control because there clerks were well dressed and the desks are slightly high so it makes you feel s little small. Only to lose frame control when they don’t establish dominance when I start to select my new glasses. 

I actually found a nice pair of glasses at Eyetique but I didn’t buy them because I thought they were a little expensive and nobody in the store gave any effort on why I should buy them.

Instead a week later I ordered a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker at a fraction of the cost.