Consumage: Family TV

Almost every week since my wife and I had our first child, we’ve been watching what I probably won’t originally term, Family TV. It’s the time slot from about 8 to 10 PM when the big four channels typically run family style sitcoms. Our kids usually get ready for bed right before that time and we’re usually reading books or feeding our youngest. We’ll usually turn on the TV while all this is going on and we usually watch some after putting the kids to bed.

I know it’s a good waste of my time but sometimes you need to relax, with a glass of win and your wife, in between the time the kids go to bed and when I need to start my nightly routine.

We’ve been watching ABC lately. I haven’t watched NBC since Parks and Rec ended and I don’t know anyone who watches CBS but for some reason they’re always number one.

ABC actually has some pretty good comedies I’ve been watching regularly in Fresh Off The Boat, The Golbergs, Modern Family, and Blackish. They’re all the same premise set on family comedy premise but each revolves around very different families. 

Blackish was my least favorite of the four when it first premiered but it’s consistently gotten better over the course of his first season and the start of the second.

The Goldbergs and Fresh Off the Boat relate to me because I was a kid from suburbia who grew up around both of those time periods.

Modern Family is the classic that’s still funny but it’s not as fresh as when it first started.

I cherish this time only because I know these moments of sitting on the couch with our children are flying by. One day they won’t want to sit with us to read and watch TV.