It’s been a quick four day work week and I had a great time spending the weekend with my family.  I was able to publish a blog post everyday even though my Saturday post never got published until today.

Mon: Must Love Data Mondays: Are You a Type A or Type B Data Scientist?

Tue: Speech of the Week: Giving One Speech a Week

Wed: Market Musings: Investing in the Stock Market or the Market of Stocks

Thu: Build a Trail: What Projects can I add to my Trail?

Fri: Freestyle Fridays

Sat: Consumage: Oberyn Lives!

A few things I was able to complete this week were the following:

  • Started a new plan to continue my education in data science.
  • Created a list of projects I’m going to start to build my trail.
  • Wrote a new speech I’ll present on Friday. 
  • Started a new book about data science.

This week I’m planning to start a number of big projects for the end of the year and  I’ll announce one project I’ll be able to add to my trail. Complete a data science project I can add to my Github. Recently, I’ve fell behind updating our YNAB account, tonight I’m going to restart it so my wife and I can master our finances. Find an option to create a side hustle. Take a picture for each one of my new blog posts.

Upcoming Week of Blog Posts:

Mon: Must Love Data Mondays – Concentrate on What’s Important

Tue: Speech of the Week – First Practice Video Recording

Wed: Market Musings

Thu: Build a Trail: Commit to a Project

Fri: Freestyle ???

Sat: Comsumage: Family TV

Sun: My Week in Review