At least he lives on in the Netflix series, Narcos, as Pedro Pascal, the DEA partner of the main character Sean Murphy.  This week flew by, and I guess it was because it was a four day week.  I took Friday off and I’ve spent the weekend chasing after my kids.  I actually wrote the majority of this post Saturday morning but I never had an opportunity to post it so it means I’ll be posting a few things today to remove the backlog. Here is some of the notable stuff I’ve watched and read during last week.


The Leftovers (HBO)

On Sunday, Lisa and I tuned in for the second season of the Leftovers on HBO. The family has left Mapleton and has moved to a new town in Jarden, TX, which has been renamed to Miracle National Park because they did not have one departure in the town. We’re introduced to a whole new cast of characters and some familiar faces, but there is a lot going on in the first episode that needs to be explained. My wife and I started watching episodes of the first season a few weeks ago because we kept seeing the trailer for the second season before True Detective and it was so interesting we decided we had to try it. It’s now one of our favorite shows and the second season is already off to a great start. I can’t wait for Sunday.

Narcos (Netflix)

My wife and I started this show last week because I read a recommendation by Jason Hirschhorn on his daily email MediaRedef, which is awesome and you need to start reading it now. This might be one of the best shows on Netflix. I’d put it right up there with House of Cards, especially in terms of quality. If nobody would have told me this show was on Netflix, I would have assumed I was watching HBO. This show gets so many things right about a story so many people have wanted to tell. I think we’re only four episodes in and I’m hooked. I can’t tell enough people about this show. The only two cast members I recognized was Luis Guzmán, who plays José Rodríguez Gachathe one of the Columbia cartel bosses who’s been in a ton of films most notably Boogie Nights, and the other is Pedro Pascal, who played Oberyn on Game of Thrones. The two characters that play the main characters, Pablo Escobar and the DEA agent Sean Murphy are perfect. It’s been a pleasant surprise to find another great show on Netflix. Go watch this now.

Deadwood (HBO)

I’ve been watching the first season of Deadwood on HBO on the mornings when my daughter was waking up super early on the weekends. I love it. I think this aired before I got HBO. I’m only about six episodes into the first season but it’s right up my alley. It’s like a series based on Tombstone. I’ll continuing with this one.

Sporting Events

My Pirates lost in the Wild Card game to the Chicago Cubs so I didn’t get a chance to watch any of our typical family TV on Wednesday night because I was watching the poor showing and great pitching by Arrieta. Maybe next year.


Sneaker Wars: Inside the Battle Between Nike and Adidas

Interesting look at the sneaker battle between Nike dominance and Adidas’ fight to out cool them.  I love Nike’s and I guess I’m pretty loyal to brand, at least for my nonrunning sneakers. I did recently buy a new pair of running shoes, a pair of Adidas that I love, but my main casual shoes are currently my Nike Air Jordans because I’m a kid from the 90s. I love my sneakers and I’d choose to wear them everywhere if I could. One of my main goals is to work in an environment where sneakers are the preferred shoe.

Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids

I don’t feel bad for these spoiled brat rich kids just like I don’t feel bad for the same brand here in the US.  In a country that is supposed to be Communist and everyone should be equal but the reality is that many people are profiting through corruption off the backs of the workers who helped the party gain power.  I wonder how long the people of China continue to let this persist.  I think the record growth of the country has allowed them to mask a lot of issues.  If growth continues to slow, what happens then?  I think it is the most interesting and important issue to watch because it will have major ramifications on all of us.  Similar to the Great Recession.

What I’m looking forward to consuming next week

Episodes of The Leftovers, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, and trying to find the first season of Fargo.  I also want to check out a few podcasts.