Speech of the Week: Giving One Speech a Week

Here is my rough outline for my next speech which I’ll present next Friday because I’m taking vacation day this Friday.

1. Opening Story:
About the time my girlfriend, who eventually became my wife, and I went looking for wedding rings.  The truth is that no one looks at wedding rings because once you go look you’ve already decided you’re going to get married. This story is about the a funny encounter when the jewelry store clerk offered me a $100 vase if I decided to purchase the ring today. Why would they offer a guy a vase to entice me to purchase their product?  I don’t know but they didn’t think there sales pitch through. I’ll write another blog post about how this could have been better.

2. What is my goal?
My goal is give a speech a week until the end of 2015. This will happen either at two my Toastmasters clubs or any local organization.  If you know of any organization that is interested in speakers please let me know.
3. How I’ll Complete This Goal?
Each week I’ll focus on writing a new speech, hopefully, completing the speech by the following weekend with the goal of doing my first practice run in front of a camera by Sunday. Publish the speech on Tuesday for the, Speech of the Week, blog post. Then perform the speech on Friday, record the presentation, and post it on my blog. After performing the speech, start the process again.
4. Why This is My Goal?
We all joined Toastmasters for the same reason. To improve our public speaking skills.  For the majority of us, I imagine the reason you come here is to eventually move up in your organization or get ‘the’ job you’ve been dreaming about. With career advancement, you’ll be asked to speak up more, not less, in either meetings or prepared speeches. Look at the executive team at your company or even your supervisors.  They usually do or should know how to conduct themselves in a meeting or while giving a speech.  It doesn’t matter how smart or intelligent you are.  That will only get you so far.  At my last job, I knew people who went to Ivy League schools and they were basically rocket scientists but they were being told what to do by someone who went to a state college.

Why, because these people couldn’t handle the public speaking aspects of their bosses job.  Whenever they talked they wouldn’t make eye contact, stumbled over their words, and their thoughts were scattered.  There was no structure.  I imagine the CEO of your company is a pretty smart person but it wouldn’t have mattered how smart they were if they couldn’t speak in public.  If they were on a conference call saying, “Ah,” “so,” or “like” thirty times.  Your company’s stock price would plummet because analysts would be wondering how was this idiot running a company.  If you want to move up in your field  then you’re going to need to improve your public speaking in both meetings and speeches.

5. Close:
– Tell the audience what I just told them. Relate back to my story, what was my goal, how I’ll do it, and why it’s my goal.