(Photo: Van Redin/HBO)

Consumage is a weekly update on all the media I’ve consumed over the course of last week, my thoughts on some of those pieces, and what I’m excited about for the upcoming week.

What have I consumed this week?

  • Halfway through one of my current books, Pitch Anything, by Oren.
  • Listening to the Art of Possibility on Audible.
  • Following along and watching videos from Ramit Sethi about improving my social skills.
  • Reading the altMBA seven day email about their upcoming January session.
  • Working on Coursera courses in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and English Grammar.
  • Articles I’ve been reading:
  • Why the yakuza are not illegal http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2015/09/economist-explains-20?curator=MediaREDEF 
  • Dick Cantwell’s Beer Is Immortal http://www.seattlemet.com/articles/2015/9/28/dick-cantwells-beer-is-immortal?curator=MediaREDEF
  • Consumer Confidence (look at Market Musings)
  • How Spotify’s Discover Weekly cracked human curation at internet scale http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/30/9416579/spotify-discover-weekly-online-music-curation-interview?curator=MediaREDEF
  • Blogs I’ve been reading: Seth’s Blog(everyday), Fred Wilson(everyday), SUSDAT a blog post by an altMBA student, Continuations.
  • Music I’m listening to Songza: India Morning, Uplifting Indie Movivation, Dubstep for Studying, Getting to Know: Mozart.
  • To much fantasy football analysis because need to check my rep In check and continue kicking butt. I’m in two leagues but I’m thinking I need to get out of at least one of them.  I’m wasting a little to much time on it.  The one positive is that I’ve pretty much cut out watching the games.  I’ll watch a little here and there if my players are on TV, but I’m no longer wasting entire afternoons watching football.
  • Listened to Gary V’s video podcast, Ask Gary V.

Media I’m looking to consume in the upcoming week:

  • The Leftovers Season 2 premieres on HBO Sunday night at 9PM. Welcome to Jarden, TX.
  • Continue reading my book Pitch Anything. I’d like to finish next week.
  • Get back into listening to guns, germs, and steel audiobook.
  • Check out Narcos on Netflix.
  • Watch Interstellar and mail my netflix DVD back.  Then cancel Netflix.
  • Make some progress on my before bed book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
  • Read my local newspaper that they keep sending me for free even though I’ve told them multiple times that I do not want it.
  • Read some market related news to write a new market musings on Wednesdat
  • Try to listen to a few podcasts: Planet Money, On Being, Startup, RadioLab.  Check out Wired’s podcast recommendations.
  • Family TV. ABC comedies: Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Blackish.  I’ll write a post about what I mean by this and why I’m watching in the coming weeks.