I’ve written about Building a Trail a number of times in the past. Two of them are here and here. This blog is about building a trail. It is my a place to show my work. I found this concept while reading Seth Godin’s post, “Are you willing to build a trail?”.

I’ve decided to write a weekly blog post about my journey to build a trail of work. I want this trail to speak for me and replace my resume. It will be a place people can and will look to see the type of work I’ve accomplished and the work I’m interested in accomplishing in the future.

Through these posts I’ll be talking about my projects, goals, side hustles, learning opportunities, and anything else I think would have a positive impact in my life.

It’s not easy to build a trail. It’s much easier to do and say nothing. Easy isn’t the way I want to live my life. That’s why I wake up before 5am, write, code,  run in the snow, dance at weddings, try any type of food, and help my wife teach our kids to use their imagination.

Happy building.