Binge: The Leftovers

Since True Detective, don’t even ask, ended a few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to check out, The Leftovers, which aired on HBO almost a year ago and the previews for the new season starting on Oct 5 looked interesting. It was also created by someone who created, Lost, mid-2000s show about survivors of a plane wreck, that my wife and I had a minor obsession.

A little over a week ago, we watched our first episode and we were immediately hooked.  I think we finished the first season in a little over a week and we can’t wait for the new season to start.  I’m not sure why this show doesn’t get more attention because I think it’s the my second favorite show on TV behind Game of Thrones.

The show takes place three years after 140 million people mysteriously disappeared from the world.  It specifically focuses on the small town of Mapleton, NY, a place that lost 100 people.  The best part of the show is not about figuring out what happened but how people are trying to deal with the aftermath.  It’s fascinating and it’s definitely worth your time to check it out if you’re looking for a new show for the start of fall.