I’ve been listening to Ramit Sethi’s, Zero to Launch, videos about launching an online business. In one of his videos he’s talking to his sister about her weight loss business and the struggles she had at first with trying to get people to follow her advice. This was before she even started a business and was trying to give her information away for free.

She found that when she simple told people what to do or gave them recipes, the recipients always had an excuse of why they couldn’t implement the advice into their daily habits. Whether it was making a daily protein shake or adding some protein to their breakfast by simply making some eggs. 

The reason people where rejecting her was because she didn’t fully know her customers and how to connect to them. 

This talk reinforced what you should know about your customers:

  • Who’s your perfect customer?
  • What are their goals?
  • What are the perfect results for your perfect customers?
  • What do they do now or what product do they use instead of yours?

Can you answer these questions? If not, then stop what you’re doing and find these answers.