I’ve discorvered a few new MOOCs on Coursera that seem interesting. I’ve decided to try the first course in two different specializations dealing with data science. The first one is Introduction to Big Data from the University of California, San Diego which deals with Hadoop, machine learning, and I’m hoping is more technical. The second specialization Excel to MySQL: Analytics Techniques for Business that’s offered by Duke University it’s geared towards Anaylsts who use data to create business decisions.

Right now, that’s really what I do during my day job. I use a combination of Excel, Toad, Teradata, and Hyperion to turn data into information for my managers and business partners. That’s why I’m interested in taking the specialization to see what I can learn and put to use at my current job.

The third course I signed up for was Grammar and Punctuation offered by University of California, Irvine because of been reading William Strunk’s Elements of Style and I was hoping this MOOC would give me some decent practice to help me continue to improve my writing.

I work my way through them and write about my progress her during #MustLoveDataMondays which I’m starting back up after a brief summer hiatus.

I wrote this on my iPhone 6. I’ll update the post with the links to the MOOCs later today.