Idea Mapping

IMG_6806This week I’ve been working on Ramit Sethi’s “Launch Your Profitable Online Business.” The first day’s task is Idea Mapping with the goal of coming up with 20 idea nuggets. Then trying to see what skills, knowledge, and challenges you’ve either acquired or completed to come up with an idea of how those experiences would allow you to create a profitable business.

I’ve spent a little bit of time yesterday to filling out this worksheet to come up with some ideas. Today, I’m trying to decide on which idea to concentrate on and moving on to Day 2 which is about how to quit letting invisible scripts dictate my life.

What’s an invisible script?

Ramit talks about how he was a skinny Indian kid who thought he’d never be able to put on any muscle. Eventually he hired a personal trainer, learned how to eat healthier, and after week’s sticking to a workout plan he started to show some gains.