Sharing Economy

DSCN1797I’ve been talking about creating a side hustle for years.  I’ve thought about how important it is to diversify my income and not be dependent on only one source but for years I’ve not done anything about.  This week I’m focusing on entering the sharing economy.  It’s as much an experiment as anything.

I talk about being an entrepreneur and I’ve been working hard at trying to grow my brand but I’ve been reluctant to enter the game.  I keep prepping and researching instead of doing. It’s why I’ve filled out my applications to drive for Uber and Lyft.  It’s why I’m looking at other opportunities to earn money using the resources and skills I already own.

I have two small kids and spending as much time with them is my priority but I also need to find ways to create other forms of income.  The Sharing Economy gives people like me and everyone the opportunity to determine our own futures. I(we) only need to go grab it.

I’ll probably be writing about this a lot in the future. I’ve only submitted for my application but if I’m able to drive then I’m going to try it out to see how I like the experience.  I’ll definitely write about it here.

I’m also thinking about other ways I can get involved in the Sharing Economy and start my career in entrepreneurship.  Some questions I have are the following:

  • What other websites offer the opportunity to generate an income?
  • Can I share my household items that I don’t use everyday, like tools or appliances?
  • Can I share my second car that I only drive once a week? (I’ve heard insurances companies aren’t happy about this option and I need to check with my insurance company.)
  • Can I rent a room or garage in my house?
  • Where can I get regular freelance technology gigs?