Everyone is an Entrepreneur

Many people may not specifically think I’m an entrepreneur because I’m not creating a startup or running my own business.  Many of you might not think you’re an entrepreneur because you work a nine to five job.  You’d be wrong.  We’re all entrepreneurs.  We’re all selling something.  You could be like Reid Hoffman and start a successful startup which in now a large corporation.  You could be the CEO of a company.  You could be an accountant or engineer working a regular job but you are still selling your skills to your employer or perspective future employers.

What do you offer?  What have you accomplished? Are two important questions that you’ll be answering.

What do these two questions explain about you as an employee?

They explain your Brand.  Whether you’re an employee or company, you are trying to explain to potential employers what you can do, or have done, for them.

I’m not running a startup but I’m constantly working on my brand.  I’m attending Toastmasters and trying to complete a speech every month, I’m writing code almost every night while I’m studying data science to improve my skills to become a better data scientist, or I’m working on tomorrow’s blog post because all of these things help create my brand.

Then when it’s time to find another gig or start a business, I’ll be able show them my brand and the trail I’ve created.  Better yet, I hope they’ll find me because of my trail.

We’re all entrepreneurs.  Only some people are in denial.