Starting with a Story

 Yesterday, I went to church with my family and the priest began to give his sermon. I love a sermon. Actually, I like watching a good sermon to see how a presenter in this case the priest tries to capture an audiences’ attention. In most cases it almost always starts with a quote, question, or a story.

Yesterday’s sermon began with a story related to the bible. It started off their introduction and lead into telling us about the theme of his sermon.

Why should you start with a story?

In Toastmasters, starting with a quote, story, or question is the preferred way to start a speech. I’m working on my first advanced manual speech to earn my Advanced Communicator Bronze award. The speech is titled, Warm up Your Audience, and the purpose is to start off your speech with a story to capture the audiences attention.

This week, I’ll be writing this speech and I will to present it in September.