The Journey


My wife bought Rosie Revere Engineer when we found out we were having a daughter.  It’s now one of my  favorite kids books and I read it to my kids a few times a week.  The quote above is after Rosie suffers another perceived failure and another family member is laughing at her incredible flop of a project, or so she thinks.  On the following page, her aunt hugs, Rosie, and tells her the line from the above quote about what it means to be an engineer.

Everytime I read this line I end up loving it more.  It’s so simple and true.  This line can represent any worthy goal.  Any goal or accomplishment could have a number of failures, or perceived failures. People may laugh at you or put you down, but you will never satisfy the critics.  All you can do is learn from your failures and prepare yourself for the ones in the future.  You are building something bigger than today, one comment, one thing that doesn’t go right, or someone who isn’t satisfied is not a failure.

The only true failure is if you allow them to force you to quite.

I’ll be teaching both of my kids, and myself, this quote for the rest of my life.