Fraud Police

Do you know the Fraud Police?

You know them and experienced them at sometime in your life even though you may have not realized it. The Fraud Police is another phrase to describe Imposter Syndrome. It’s the feeling that you have no business doing the type of work you’re doing or the work you want to do.

I face the Fraud Police ever day. They come whenever I’m completing challenging work or trying something new whether it’s tomorrow’s blog post, a speech I need to give on Friday, or taking on a new job. If you don’t know this feeling then you’re either kidding yourself or not pushing yourself to do challenging work because they are always there waiting on a moment of weakness.

Amanda Palmer gives a great piece of advice to overcome the Fraud Police. She says the trick for her was to believe that what she did for a living was useful and it was as important as what her fans did. Her fans comments helped her realize the importance of her work on their lives. They ranged from other musicians to lawyers to doctors. This equal feeling made all the difference in the world because it made her feel that she had something useful to share.

You have something useful to share but you need to build up the courage to do it. The Fraud Police aren’t going anywhere without your decision to change.

Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking.