For non-Pirates fans, RTJR, stands for Raise The Jolly Rodger. It’s something Pirates announcers and fans say after a win. Maybe I’ll right a blog post about the history behind the saying.

Today, the Pittsburgh Pirates completed the sweep of the New York Mets. I was thinking about writing a post about the Pirates’ great season and how we should appreciate the opportunity of having one of the best teams in baseball but Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article a similar article in the Sunday newspaper.

There are still almost 50 games of baseball left in the year. It’s a long season. Right now it looks like they are headed to another wild card playoff game that anyone can win. Regardless of that outcome, this has been another successful year for the Pirates. 

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed the Pirates would even finish a season with an above .500 record. Let alone a legitimate chance at the World Series. I don’t think they’ll win it all this year but they have one of the best records in baseball. Including the best record in the past few months.

I’m looking forward to another exciting end of the baseball year. Go Bucs.