Must Love Data Mondays: I am a Data Scientist

This is why I do Must Love Data Mondays.  It’s about my journey to become a data scientist. It’s why I left quantitative finance, decided to not get an MBA, and instead choose an MSIS.  It’s why I took a bunch of Information science courses in programming, design, databases, GIS, and security.

My main thesis has not changed since I started down this path.

In each role I’ve had since college, there has always been a need for a person who can blend business experience with technical skills.  In my eight years of experience, I’ve looked at my work as a problem of how to deal with ever-increasing amount of data and how to turn that data into information for my managers, coworkers, and customers.  This lead me to figure out how to gather, sort, store, and secure large amounts of data by earning a Master of Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh’s iSchool.  In the program I had the unique opportunity to learn about a number of different topics such as databases, programming, software engineering, testing, design, human computer interactions, spatial reasoning, GIS, telecommunications, security, Google Maps API, android programming, and data mining.

After my program was over I still wanted to continue learning and focus my career on one key area of study.  That’s when I decided to focus my time and make it my goal to become a data scientist.

Everyday I work to achieve these to goals.  In the past year, I’ve learned to program in Python and R, read a number of programming and data science related books like Think Python and Data Analysis, and completed a number of MOOCs.