Writing on the T

My goal of publishing a daily post blog has been anything but easy or convient.  It’s been rewarding but it’s also been a long journey to get to this point. I’ve tried writing at night, in the early morning, during my lunch break, and now I’m trying to write during my morning T ride into work. The T is Pittsburgh’s version of a subway but you should think of it as a minisubway with basically one line that’s only accessible to one part of town. 
Why am I writing on the T?

I have about a daily 30 minute commute into town.  I like the fact that I can concentrate on writing for 30 minutes. No more, no less. It’s challenging and forces me to freewrite ,like Will Levy suggests in his book Accidental Genius. I’ve noticed if I wake up early and say I’ll only write 30 minutes I always go over my time limit. I usually get lost in my writing and I’ll end up writing the entire time, maybe an hour or two. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I have a number of other goals I need to accomplish and writing in the morning takes time away from my other important goals. I should try to use a timer like Levy suggests. 

The other reason I’m writing on the T is out of necessity. Yes, it cuts away from my reading that I’ve been doing on the T but I can read on my way home.

I’ve written my last few posts on the T, including this one. I’ll continue trying it out for the next week to see how it works for me.