Market Musings: Data Science & the Market

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to write an almost all weekly post about the markets or a popular market related article on StreetEye. These all could be described as somewhat of a rant. I’m trying to write articles for people with no professional experience in the markets about what popular articles mean and how they should look at investing. My key goal is to inform people that investing in individual stocks is not for everyone. It’s only meant for professional investors, or people who already fully fund their retirement accounts and are willing to put in the necessary time required to analyze their portfolio.

Data Science is another area of interest and a topic I write about on my weekly Must Love Data series which is mostly about my journey of becoming a Data Scientist. My goal is to start completing more Data Science research and projects, and write about them on this blog. Similar to Nate Silver’s popular website FiveThirtyEight. I want to research my areas of interest which would be the markets, sports particularly fantasy football so I can beat my friends and win bragging rights, politics maybe focusing on local politics, and city of Pittsburgh issues. 

My main questions are the following:

  • How can I write better posts with the help of Data Science?
  • What kind of questions can I answer in my areas of interest with data science?
  • Where can I find current, accurate, accessible data sources?
  • Who else does this type of analysis? What tools do they use? Where do they get their data?
  • Who can help me answer these questions?
  • Who would use this type of analysis?

These are the types of questions I’m hoping to write about in the coming weeks.