One Sentence Review: St. Vincent


One Sentence Review:
A story of a young lost boy who moves next store to an old depressed man, and how they both change each others lives for the better.


This is probably the most comedy focused movie Bill Murray has done in years even though he cracks me up even in his non comedy type roles during Wes Anderson films.  I really enjoyed the movie and I’d watch it again if available.  My favorite part is the final credits.  It’s classic Murray and the reason people refer to him as a National Treasure.  I’ll watch pretty much anything with Bill Murray so I’m not exactly unbiased but people love him because they realize they are watching one of the greatest performers of all time.  We get to watch Bill Murray the way are Grandparents got to watch Sinatra or Sammie Davis Jr.  You should appreciate these moments you got to share because one day you’ll be watching documentaries on this man with your grand kids and you’ll be able to tell them that you got to watch/meet/experience his genius.