Must Love Data Mondays:

If your goal in the Summer of Data Science #SoDS is to learn how to program in Python, then you need to check out I found out about in an article on Wired.  If you’re like me when I was starting out with Python and you’re spending large chunks of your day either without a computer or without the availability of Terminal then is great for people who want to learn Python. allows you to run Python code in your browser or smart phone. There is no login or registration necessary. You can register if you want. Registering on the site allows you to save and share your code with other users. is a site meant for teachers who are trying to set up lessons for their students. Though I found it useful to use when you stuck without the ability to access the command line.

If you’re reading through Think Python and you want to run some basic code to check your results than is a simple resource to quickly test some Python code or mess around with code on your phone.

Here’s an example running some Python code with on your Phone.

Here is the result: