Craft Beer

About 8 years ago, I tried my first craft beer at a Mad Max, outside of Pittsburgh. A friend, who worked at the restaurant asked me to try it. All I remember is that it was an IPA. I didn’t even know what an IPA meant back then. I was used to drinking the typical college kid beer: Miller Lite, Budweiser, and Pabst. Needless to say, I thought the IPA tasted awful, similar to the way my dad (a blue collar Strohs, MGD, & finally a Michelob man) would describe his first experience with a craft beer only a few years later. Unlike me, he never changed his mind.

Then I started my first job and I had a great boss. He was my boss’s boss and I sat in the cubicle right outside his office. I went to a few happy hours with him and some coworkers who were all craft beer fans. I started trying different things and realized what I liked and didn’t like. I only stayed in that position as a contract employee for about a year until I found a full-time gig but my love of craft beer started then. It didn’t become my beer of choice until a local six pack shop opened down the street from my house.  I started trying different things, a big deal in a state like Pennsylvania where you couldn’t buy a six-pack unless you were in a bar, and it allowed me see what I liked. I started with the typical seasonal beers like summer, winter, and Oktoberfest. Then I ventured off into other types like pale ales and my favorite IPAs. 

I don’t drink beer to get drunk anymore. Now you can find me buying any kind of crazy type of beer because I’m interested in the taste and how they got it to taste that way. I’ve been meaning to start brewing my own beer with a set my wife bought me but I never seem to find the time. It’s something I really need to remedy.

It’s the Golden Age of Beer.  Before it used to be looked at as the working man’s drink but now it’s the drink of choice for many.  This is probably because now more than ever the differences between beer and wine are so small.  Beer is similar to wine.  Good beer is evolving and can be stored for years to increase it’s quality.  That’s why I love craft beer.  It’s evolved beer towards a higher standard of quality and taste.  I got sick of all the beer I drank tasting the same.  I wanted something better, some variety, and not gimicky advertising.  

I should use Super Bowl commercials as a list of things not to try, atleast when it pertains to food, because I try not to eat at McDonalds, drink Pepsi, or grab a bag of Doritos as a snack. If I don’t do those things then why  should I drink their beer equivalents of Buderwieser and Miller products? I shouldn’t.

I want something brewed with care by people that actually drink good beer, and not be tricked by some ad agency trying to convince me that drinking their beverage either makes me a man or appealing to the opposite sex.  

Sorry, I can think for myself and I am choosing not to drink your Long John Silvers garbage water.