Must Love Data Mondays: Dataquest

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to review any tutorials I’ve come across for learning data science. I’ve worked through Learn Python The Hard Way (LPTHW) and my summer of data science has been about completing Zipfain’s prerequisites for there data science program which has lead me to work on MITx Intro to CS using Python, Khan Academy’s lessons in Probability and Statistics, and SQLZoo’s SQL tutorial. I’ve also been working through the University of Washington’s Intro to Data Science which is the first item on The Open Source Data Science Masters.

Yesterday, I tried out after I was introduced to the site by the Summer of Data Science #SoDS creator Renee on Twitter when she tweeted about a blog post the Dataquest founder wrote about what it takes to become a data scientist. 
Dataquest teaches specialized topics to help you on your quest to become a data sciencist. It uses a mixture of videos and Codeacademy like lessons with a focus on project work that offers an interesting way to be introduced to the many areas of Data Science. I only had a chance to work though their first mission, Python Basics, on Dataquest. I enjoyed it and think it’s another good resource for the beginner who’s looking for a Codeacademy like path to learning Data Science. I especially like their emphasis, at least in their videos, about project based work with real data. I’ll be checking out more of the other missions after I complete some of my other Data Science goals and write about my thoughts here.