Learning to Ask

Yesterday, I started Amanda Palmer’s audiobook, “The Art of Asking,” and it may be one of the most personal audiobooks I’ve ever consumed. It’s raw and honest, and includes songs by Amanda Palmer in between the chapters. Go buy or borrow a copy from your local library now. It’s that good.

Until Seth Godin recommended her audiobook, I didn’t know about Amanda Palmer. I never listened to her music or watched her TED talk where she received a standing ovation.

I love this audiobook because it strikes a topic I’ve struggled with for years, asking for help. Whether, it’s for charity, money, career, or life. Throughout my career I’ve slowly improved at asking for help at work, career, or life.

I still struggle with asking when it comes to money. At the end of last year, I made a major stride in my struggle of asking for money when I completed my first charity runner fundraiser for the American Heart Association in honor of my father. This fundraiser was something I thought about completing for a few years but I was hesitant to ask others for the money. At the end of 2014, I finally decided to get over this fear and commit. I ended up being blown away by the people I didn’t even know or who I hadn’t talked to in years, who decided to answer my ask with a donation to my fundraiser. These acts of generosity completely changed my worldview.

Similar to what Amanda Palmer says in her book, “All I needed to do was ask, and people were happy to help.” I’m by no means completely over my fear of asking. I’m still learning but this book is helping me to take steps in the right direction.

Inspired by Amanda Palmer’s audiobook “The Art of Asking,”