Bookbinge: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

During my week at the beach, I decided to reads classic book, I’ve put off reading for some time, that’s about the ocean. Last week, I decided to read, “The Old Man and the Sea,” by Ernest Hemingway, which is the book that’s give as the example to why he won the Noble Prize in literature. 

While I was in my senior year of high school, I was given the choice to complete my senior project on any of the following books:

  • The Catcher in the Rye – J. D. Salinger
  • Frankenstein – Mary Shelley
  • Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck
  • The Old Man and the Sea.

There was one other book but I can’t remember. I was thinking about this list a few weeks ago because, at the time, I thought all theses books sounds awful. I ended up picking Frankenstein because I watched the movie before. Luckily, I was told that the movie did not match the book. 

It’s funny to think about my thoughts for these books because I ended up reading all of them and I enjoy all them. 

The Old Man and the sea didn’t disappoint. 

Now I’m on to the next one.