I Want To Write Like Hemingway 

I spent last week while I was on vacation reading Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea,” which I wrote about yesterday.  The thing I love about this book and the way Ernest Hemingway writes is the simplicity of the entire book.  It’s not filled with large words so you need a dictionary to read it.  It’s not filled with crazy long sentences filled with different forms of punctuation.

It’s so simple, yet powerful.  There isn’t much clutter and he says exactly what’s needed to be said.  That’s the goal of this writing practice.  I want to improve and simplify my writing.  I want to write the way I actually talk and not try to sound smarter than I am.  I don’t want to fill my writing with words I’d never use in a typical conversation.

I’m not there yet and I might not get there for a number of years but it’s why I keep writing everyday. I’m not Hemingway and I don’t want to be him.  I’m trying to find my own voice.  Hopefully, I’ll find a simple and clean style to let me voice show through my writing.  One day at a time.