The Connection of Everything 

This week as I’ve been running barefoot along the shore every morning before I start playing in the sand with the kids, I’ve been thinking about the beauty of the ocean and how there are still parts of it that out a mystery. Though it’s all interconnected. I’ve also been reading Ernest Hemingway’s, The Old Man and the Sea, which is filled with lore and mystery that surrounds the Sea. I can understand why the Greeks and Romans had Gods named after the sea. It covers the majority of Earth but I don’t know why. Most of us love to visit during the summertime but I imagine most wouldn’t want to live on the ocean. 

Though most of us don’t interact with the ocean or live near one in our daily lives. It still effects us. The ocean tides are determined by the rotation of the Earth around the sun which determines night and day, and defines when we do certain things in our day like meals or work. 

This could mean that you’re life is determined by the ocean, by the galaxy. You’re apart of something bigger than you minor struggles. This life is amazing.

I’m trying to spend the week feeling grateful that I can spend time with my family, recharge, and think about my place in this world.