Visualizing Your Goals

For the past few days, I’ve been listening to, The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy. I’m only halfway through the second disc but it’s become clear that the main theme of the book is creating a positive attitude and realistic goals to motivate you to achieve your sales targets. 

I’ve never had a sales position but we’re all selling something whether you work in sales, finance, IT, or engineering. If your in a job in finance or IT you’re selling your skills. When looking for another job or a promotion, you’re trying to sell your self to the employer. If you’re an engineer who creates a product then you’ll eventually want to sell that product. 

Everyone is selling, I used to feel a little sleazy about asking people for money especially money for services or charity. This is due to my lack of education in sales that didn’t allow me to understand why people buy or donate. It’s why I’m listening to books like this one. If you feel the same way or you’re struggling with your sales then you should find a copy and listen.

Brain spends the beginning of the book discussing the importance of setting realistic goals and the things you want to do or own as a result of achieving your goals. His suggestion is to come up with around one-hundred things you want to motivate you to achieve your goals. You should create career, financial, personal, and family goals. This week I’ll be thinking about my short term & long term goals in each of these areas of my life and the things I want to own someday in the future.