Become A Master Builder

This post was inspired by the The Lego Movie and the many times I’ve watched it with my kids. I wrote brief review about how I thought it was one of the best movies of last year. 

The movie is a great lesson about being a father, creativity, being different, and following your passion. I’ve been both the father & son portrayed in this film. I was the young kid playing and creating with a reckless abandon. I’ve also been the adult, played by Will Farrell, who took Lego building so seriously he wouldn’t let his kids touch them because he only wanted to build the sets exactly as the instructions stated. I was a father at the time and i’ve been obsessed with Legos, like Will Farrel’s character, but at one time I was living my life that way. I was on a path everyone told me was right and I followed along with what everyone thought I should do. The problem was I wasn’t happy on the path. I was taking life too seriously. It didn’t change until after the death of my father. That’s when I was struck with the reality of how fast life can end. I was missing out on many incredible people and experiences because I thought I should be acting a certain way. 

The Lego Movie teaches a few important lessons to us adults who’ve lost our passions because of preconceived notions of what’s expected. Within reason, We shouldn’t be playing it safe with our lives, we should bold, be different, be creative, and show that creativity to the world. No matter how weird or different our passion is go work as hard as you can and do it everyday. Don’t listen to what everyone tells you to do or what the instructions say it’s suppose to look like. Go rogue and see where life takes you.

Have an idea and go build it.