Seven Months of (Almost) Daily Blog Posts


This post marks seven months from the day I started my goal of publishing a daily blog post. I started that commitment on December 1st only a few days after a great experience at Startup Weekend Pittsburgh where I was lucky to join a team that would eventually win the main prize and win the first Runner UP in the Global Startup Battle.

After that weekend, I knew I needed to start shipping my work. Otherwise, I’d never achieve anything. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

This wasn’t my first attempt at starting a daily blog/write commitment. I’ve started and stopped more times than I could count but I’ve always come back. Why? I keep coming back because I feel I have to write. A day without writing is like a day without breakfast. Writing is one thing. Publishing it out into the world is a whole other beast. For me, just writing in a journal doesn’t work. It’s to easy to slack off and get sloppy. Publishing my work on a daily basis keeps me honest. It makes me keep working to improve my skills because this blog is about getting better each day. I want to be a better writer, thinker, and producer. This is my space to think things through, discuss goals, commit to those goals, and write about my experience trying to achieve them. They won’t all be successful. Similar, to the way a lot of the writing on this blog will be shit.

When you publish your work.  You’ll go through a whole range of emotions and questions.  Will anyone even read it? People might not like it or agree with my opinion. Some might get angry or jealous. I can’t bother with those people. All I can do is to continue pursuing my goals one day at a time.

Seven months ago, one month seemed like a great streak. My main goal was, and still is, to publish a blog post everyday for one year. I’ll admit I’ve missed a few days but I think I’ve made up for them by posting multiple times a day. The more accurate way to describe these seven months would be to say I’ve posted almost as many blog posts as there are days in this seventh month stretch.

I’ll continue taking this challenge one month at a time. Trying to use everything I’ve ever know to continue coming up with material to publish everyday. There is no turning back now. I’ve come to far and I’m thinking of ways to continue growing this blog while improving the content I’m able to ship.