Must Love Data Mondays: @freecodecamp Basic HTML5 and CSS

At the beginning of last week, I discovered Free Code Camp which I wrote about during last week’s Must Love Data Mondays: @freecodecamp. During the past week I completed the first two parts of the full stack JavaScript Development course. The getting started section and Basic HTML5 and CSS. Last night, I started the Responsive Design with Bootstrap section.

I’m loving the program and community on Gitter. As far as the actual tutorials, they’re  similar to the kind you’ll find on Codecademy or Code School. At least for the two sections I’ve completed, Get Set for Free Code Camp, Basic HTML5 & CSS, and the first ten lessons of Responsive Design with Bootstrap.  The main advantage of Free Code Camp compared to other code tutorials I’ve tried is their emphasis on community, pair programming, Bonfires, and real non-profit project work.  

Free Code Camp’s community on Gitter is a fun, engaging community of people trying to learn code and helping others to achieve their goals.  Giving people like me the opportunity to meet other like minded people who are either starting to learn code or have working on getting the hang of the full stack for a while.

I’m continuing to work through my Summer of Data Science goals with my work on Free Code Camp.  I’ll be continuing Free Code Camp for the entire summer.  In June, my other Data Science goal was to complete Khan Academy’s Probability courses which I’m close to completion.  In July, goals are to continue working on Free Code Camp, complete Khan Academy’s Statistic courses, and start a Data Science course like University of Washington’s Introduction to Data Science on Coursera.