Consumage: The Week of 6/28/15

I’m hoping this post will eventually turn into a weekly recap of the media I’ve been consuming during the past week and what I learned.

This week there were a number of historical events mainly involving the Supreme Court and President Obama.

  • Many people including President Obama called for the end of the Confederate flag being flown on government buildings.
  • The Supreme Court ruled the United Heathcare Bill aka Obamacare was not unconstitutional.
  • The next day the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a right and gay marriage would now be legalized in all states.
  • President Obama gave probably one of his best speeches of his presidency at the eulogy for the slain black reverend and state senator. It’s worth a listen.

My reading list hasn’t been as exciting as those event. I’ve spent the week reading through Data Exlir‘s latest issue, Greece’s new financial plan, working on my social media plan as I go through Gary Vaynerchuk‘s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, completed Basic HTML5 and CSS on freecodecamp, and discovered a new daily curated content newsletter, MediaREDEF.

Now it’s on the next week of learning.

I’ll add links later today. I wrote this on my iPhone 6.