Must Love Data Mondays: Free Code Camp

Last week, I discovered, Free Code Camp, from a person I follow on Twitter. I did what I typically do with interesting links, which is to bookmark the link and get to it one day. Well yesterday while all the kids were asleep, and I was spending the day with some much-needed relaxation. I decided to check out Free Code Camp.

I came away really impressed and it looks to be one of the best, free or not, online resources available to become a software engineer. It didn’t hurt that their common goal is to boost our careers with code, which has been my thesis for heading down this technology path. I’ve been learning to code for a few years and I’ve spent time with many languages from Visual Basic to Java to Python. Learning about programming and what it could do started in my first job where I was working to automate financial reports. Working with code lead me to a graduate degree in information science and a career change because I want to work with technology. My main issue is that I can do, what I call the basics. I can write code that works, solves a problem, and is relatively error free but haven’t felt like I’ve really got it meaning I haven’t been able to put it all together and feel confident in my ability. That’s what I find really compelling about Free Code Camp. Even though, I’ve been concentrating on Python and it’s based in JavaScript, I like the idea about learning the full stack with the goal of creating a portfolio and gaining real experience by working on real nonprofit projects. In my goal of learning to code, I’ve been struggling with consistency and creating a clear path to complete projects that will help me build a trail.

I’m interested in data science and I’m interested in creating products that I can implement and make an impact.  Though Free Code Camp side tracks my Summer of Data Science (#SoDS) Goals of completing Python, Khan Academy Math sections, and eventually completing Stanford’s Machine Learning online course. I think learning how to really work with the Full Stack will make me a better data scientist in the future. I’m looking forward to completing some projects and building a trail.