Not a One Sentence Review: Inherent Vice

I can’t give a one sentence review for Inherent Vice because for some reason I couldn’t make it through this movie without falling asleep.  I even tried watching it twice and both times I fell alseep.  It’s interesting because on the outside this movie looks to have all the makings of a great movie, Good actors and an interesting plot.  The problem was the movie ended up being kind of boring.  In some ways it felt like it was trying to copy the Big Lebowski’s format of a stoner dude type character but the director couldn’t pull it off.  It’s a shame.

My wife loved the book and after seeing the trailer we were both excited about this film so it was a major disappoint when we tried to watch it this weekend.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to try watching this film again but if it appears on HBO I’ll try making a pot of coffee and try again.