Bookbinge is my username on DailyLit, which is a website that sends daily parts of a book to your email or RSS feed.  You specify the amount of reading you want to receive, how many days a week, and what time during the day, and DailyLit takes care of the rest. I love reading, it’s one of my daily habits.  My goal for the year is to read a book every two weeks which can include books, eBooks, dailyLit, Big Read Podcasts, and audiobooks.  We’re almost at the half way point in the year and I’m a little behind my goal for the half-year of thirteen books by the end of June. I’m currently on my eleventh book.  I think I can complete twelve by the end of June.

My goal isn’t to just speed read through all these books.  I want to digest them and learn from them.  That’s why after ever book I read I’m going to write a review about what I found useful and not so useful about the book.  I’ve been doing this periodically.

Next on my list of reviews is the book I recently completed: Accidental Genius by Will Levy.