You’ll Use Everything You’ve Ever Known.

I was going to publish this post yesterday but I got busy and I was unable to do it so here it is today. A two post day.

As I’ve written about before, I’m reading, Accidental Genius, by Will Levy.  In the later portion of the book Will discusses how to write more regularly to hit deadlines or publish a book.  He gives examples of his own strategies as well as a few author interviews of their own strategies, including Ray Bradbury, who wrote Fahrenheit 451 along with a number of other books.  One of the author interviews told Will, something to the effect of, that as a writer you need to use everything you’ve ever learned or experienced.

I’ve heard this piece of similar advice before and it came from one of my favorite audiobooks, Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up. In the audiobook, Steve talks about appearing on the Johnny Carson show when Johnny was done performing some crazy skit that involved, I think, a bow and arrow.  After the skit, Johnny leaned over to Steve and whispers this piece of useful advice, “You’ll use everything you’ve ever known.”  This phrase stuck with Steve because of how true it was for the rest of his career.

I feel it’s a great piece of advice for anyone who’s creating whether it’s writing, comedy, business development, or presentations.  You’ll end up using every experience in your life no matter how mundane or how immaterial you thought it was at the time.  It’s all occurred to help you create your own brand of art.