Writing & Code

This weekend I updated my About page but I’m thinking it really doesn’t tell the story of how this blog was created.  This is my first attempt to try to explain my reasoning.

This blog was technically started on December 1, 2014.  That’s the day I started writing a daily blog post that I’ve pretty much continued till today.  But this blog is much older than that date. It can really be traced back to the moment I decided I wanted to start writing more often.  This happened in 2009 right around the time my wife and I moved into our house and getting married.  I complained to my wife at night about how I felt like my writing abilities were growing stale.  She told me that I should start journaling, a few weeks later she gave me a journal for my birthday.  Other than writing my name in it the first night, I don’t think I opened it again until the new year. On new years day, I wrote in the journal for a few days.  Then six months passed and I wrote in the journal again.  Another New Year came around and I started writing again and so it went.  Each time my period of lapse got smaller and smaller.  Eventually, I created a anonymous blog and started writing on it periodically.  I tried to start publishing something everyday but I couldn’t continue the habit and my writing was bland and boring.  I tried 750words.com and I had a streak of almost 90 days in a row until I missed a day and the whole thing fell apart.  I tried to start another streat but I noticed that I was more concerned with completing my words for the day instead of the writing.  A lot of those days seemed to be regurgitation of my past day and what I wanted to accomplish today. I tried a public blog but my writing was boring because I was holding back and I quit.  Then my father passed away in 2012 and I thought about finality of life.  If I was going to achieve or write anything of any use I was going to have to give up worrying about the critic, completing work, and shipping it. That’s what I started doing on a Tumblr blog but again it wasn’t everyday.  It was more consistent than before but I didn’t get it until I competed in Pittsburgh Startup Weekend. I took a chance and helped a team win the event. That’s when I realized I needed to keep this going.  That next week I started writing this blog and I haven’t given it up since. I’ve been writing everyday for almost six months but it’s really been a six year journey to get to this point.

The same can be said about my journey into programming. I started programming when I was setting up my family’s first computer using DOS.  I didn’t stick with it in high school but in college I took a Visual Basic course because I misguided professor in the computer science program told me to not take C or Java but instead Visual Basic because it was going to be the dominate language of the future.  The advice didn’t pan out to well if you were a serious computer engineer but it actually worked out for a student how switched out on information science because a professor who taught that Visual Basic course might have taught the most borinng class in the world.  It was a Saturday course and I spent my days watching him sit in a chair while reading his powerpoint slides and we only had one actual programming assignment.  I thought that this wasn’t for me and I immdetaily changed my major while deciding to never take another programming course again. Fast forward to my first job, I worked at a large chemical company that didn’t have anyone who was good with excel and only one person who was teaching himself  Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  I realized that this could be the way I could make an impact in the company. I worked with excel and vba at my first job to help with reporting.  Learning VBA helped me get into my second job.  At my second job, I didn’t do a whole lot of VBA programming but I eventually took a college course and realized that I wanted to learn more about technology.  That’s when I decided to get a Master of Science in Information Science. That lead to a third job which was still in Finance but I’ve been using more of my technical knowledge in this career. Now, I’m studying Data Science because I want to become a data scientist and I also think it’s always a good idea to build high quailty quanitative and technical skills which is what learning data science teaches you.

Today, you can find me writing the next day’s blog post, writing python code, and practicing math problems on Khan Academy.