Yo, Cyber Security!

One day during the week, I’m not yet sure which day, but I want to write a weekly post about a topic or news article in Cyber Security.

Why’s this weekly post called, “Yo, Cyber Security!”?  Why not, it’s actually a tribute to either Jesse Pinkman from Break Bad or Yo! MTV Raps.  They are both a major inspiration in my life. Breaking Bad might be my favorite TV show and Yo! MTV Raps was a show that introduced millions of suburban kids to rap.  I was one of those kids and my parents hated it.

What does either of them have to do with Cyber Security?  Nothing really.  I just felt like using yo in the title of a blog post.  I also feel like everyone knows what “yo” means but most people have no idea about Cyber Security.  I want to make as many people aware to what’s going on in Cyber Security as people who know the meaning of yo. Even helping a quarter of those people would be great.

It’s an important issue that affects all of us, our businesses, and almost every country.  It might be the most important issue we’re facing.  I want to understand more about what’s happening in Cyber Security and I hope I’ll be able to explain the issues in a way people can easily understand.