Market Musings:

Everyday, I usually check a few sources for news to start my day.  Those sources are usually Hacker News, StreetEYE, RealClearPolitics, NYT, and my local paper.  Since I’ve started researching Data Science, I’ve also discovered a sibling of Hacker News called Data Tau, which is basically the same site as Hacker News but dedicated to data science.

Yesterday, while I was viewing Data Tau I discovered a link for a website called which is self titled, “the ultimate reading list for finance professionals.  It’s a pretty basic website similar to Hacker News and Data Tau but instead of just listing the top links from anywhere.  Filll lists nine sources of news like the NYT, CNBC, MarketWatch, and the Washington Post and then lists the top five links for each source.  It has a total of nine sections (i.e. News, Economics, Trading, Quant) with each section being the same format but with different sources.

I only looked at the site briefly but I like it so far and if you work or are interested in the markets than I think it’s a good source of news.  I think I like it better than StreetEYE because of the defined sources and different sections like New, Economics, and Quant.  I feel like StreetEYE tends to give you a little noise in the form of non finance articles but maybe I’m just getting picky.  I’ll be using filll for the next few days to see if it wears off on me.