Your Opportunity Clock is Going Off


You’re wretched bleary eyed from a vision of you sitting on a beach in some exotic place with a cold drink in your hand.  You search the empty room for the source of this disturbance to silence it, return to your pillow, and head back to the dream. Eventually, you find your cell phone or clock and turn it off. Then look at the time and that’s when it finally hits you, you need to wake up.

I used to dread my alarm clock.  I don’t like to wake up in the middle of the night but if you do wake it’s one of the best feelings when you realize that you still have an hour or two to sleep.  I’m a recovering Snooze man, which means that even when it was time to get up, I would always hit the snooze button at least one or two times before I woke up.  For a while, I’d set two alarms on my phone with one about five to ten minutes after the other.  It still really didn’t work. I’ve tried a lot of gimics to wake up early.

The reason I want to wake up early is because I want to get more done. Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out if I’m more productive in the morning or night and I found out that I’m without a doubt a morning person.  At night, my mind rolls back to that of an ape.  I can’t accomplish any serious work. But in the morning,  I can really get things done.  That’s why I want to commit to waking up early.

It’s easy to tell yourself to wake up at 4:30 AM everyday but it’s another thing to actually do it.  I’ve been trying to consistently wake up for a few years now and the habit has been inconsistent.  I worked on my nightly routine and trying to get enough sleep at night, what I ate before bed, and not falling asleep on the couch.  All of it helped but none of it was the solution.

The solution was discovered while listening to Zig Ziglar’s Goals audiobook.  In the book, Zig, talks about he doesn’t call his alarm clock an alarm clock.  He calls it the, Opportunity Clock.  Every morning when he hears that sound, it means that he’s about to start another opportunity of a chance to improve his life. Zig was referring to waking up to running in the morning to help him lose weight but it relates to anyone who is trying to accomplish their goals.

Whether or not you wake up is all about your mind-set.  Every morning, you have two choices.  Dread your alarm clock and hit the snooze button, or look forward to the opportunity to accomplish your goals one day at a time.

That’s why my habit to create in the month of June is answer the Opportunity Clock everyday at 4:30AM and accomplish my goals.


Your opportunity clock is going off.  What will you choose?