I Love Audible

Two days ago, I was about to leave my house to head to work but I forgot to download a new audiobook on to my iPhone.  I usually passively listen to audiobooks on my walk to and from the train to work.  I usually rip the cd version of the audiobook I own to my MacBook and then sync the book to my iPhone. It’s not a big deal but it takes some time which I didn’t have that morning.  Instead I opened up the Audible app clicked once on the book I wanted to download from my available books I purchased and are now stored in the Audible cloud. The book was downloaded in a matter of seconds and I was out the door listening to the book on my walk to the train. I also could have just streamed the book using my wireless data but I like saving my data for streaming music.

I love the simplicity of Audible and the fact that all my favorite audiobooks are a click away.  I would like to convert all of my passive listening audiobooks to Audible. My only complaint with Audible is I can’t buy new books through the app. I can find new books through their discover feature but I’m only able to add them to a wish list so I can purchase them when I get back to a computer. It doesn’t make any sense and it limits the impulse buys which is a good thing for me but not for Audible’s business.  I want that feature Audible.

Give it to me.