Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend the day at the ballpark for the businessmen special 12:35PM Pirates vs Marlins game with tickets for my company’s employee appreciation day. It was a great game with the Pirates coming from behind in the seventh inning with two out to beat the Marlins, 5-2

It made me think about all the baseball games I’ve been to as a son and husband. In a few weeks, I’ll go to my first game as a father with my family. It will remind me of all the games I attended with my father. Tailgating, bringing my glove, voting for the all-star game, and having a hotdog with my old man. There are a lot of great memories.

Yesterday, at the ballpark made me think about what it takes to be a father.  Spending those games at Three Rivers Stadium wasn’t necessarily about watching the Pirates.  It was about a father and son spending time together.  He was teaching me about life through a game.  That’s one of the great things about sports.  Yes, there are negative aspects about sports, but they also can teach you how to deal with life.  I love sports, I’ve played them for the majority of my life.  They’ve taught me the value of practice, teamwork, dealing with adversity, and sportsmanship.

Those warm summer days and evenings spent with my father at the ballpark helped to shape a man and prepare me for life.