Tony Robbins is a Machine

As a kid growing up in the 90s, you’ve heard the name, Tony Robbins, and you probably knew he was a some type of motivational speaker.  He’s even been briefly lampooned on the cartoon series, Family Guy.  I knew of Tony Robbins.  I knew he was extremely successful or at least appeared to be extremely successful.  How many motivational speakers do any kids probably know, if they know any at all?  The only one they would probably know is Tony Robbins.

It feels like the guy has been around forever, which he has been since book his best-selling book, Unlimited Power, was released in 1987.  The guy is 55 years old and he’s arguably the most famous motivational speaker/life coach of my time.  Today, it seems like everyone is some type of self-help or life coach.  To the point were it’s hard to trust anyone who includes some version of that title in their job description.

Though it’s hard to not be impressed with what Tony Robbins has been able to achieve.  He has no college degree but it was estimated that he makes roughly $30 million a year.  Is that enough to get your attention?  The guy is doing something right.  Not only is he making a ton of money but he’s worked with some of the most famous people on the planet.  Many of them believe he’s a genius.

I was skeptical of Tony Robbins until I watched these two videos. The first one is his Ted Talk which was one of the top ten most popular Ted Talks of all time. It’s one of the best I’ve watched by a true professional.  The guy kills it with his speech content, presence, voice, and delivery.  So much energy, it was pretty inspiring.  The next video was a brief video from business insider which was some short clips of Tony talking about a few things he does every morning to prepare himself for his most grueling days. In the video he talks about why he takes care of his body like a professional athlete so he can continue to give some much energy to his audience.

Tony Robbins treats his professional career no different from any athlete.  Everyday he’s working hard keep himself in the best physical and mental shape so can complete the work he needs to accomplish.

I’m motivated by the way the man lives his life and it’s not surprising to see why he’s been so successful.  Tony practices what he preaches.  He tells people all over the world about how to get their life in order and achieve their dreams.  He can do this because he’s done it for himself.

Now, I need to think about how I’m working to prepare my mind and body everyday to achieve my goals.