Revamping My Resume

I’ve been thinking about revamping my resume. Last week, I had to update it to apply for a nonprofit board matching opportunity through my employer. After reading it over, I was surprised by how it felt so standard and boring. It needs to be changed because right now it doesn’t reflect who I am professionally.

That brings me to the question of, “Is your resume important?”  It can’t be the main piece of information I give people because resumes are kind of worthless. Unfortunately, they are still considered necessary for most jobs. For the past 6 – 8 months, I’ve been working on building a trail to allow my work to speak for me. I’m just not at the point where my trail can do the talking for me.  That means I still need to write something that speaks for me. My resume is stale, and my LinkedIn and cover letter are just as bad. They’re a bunch of businessese bullshit. I’ll never get the type of work I want when I’m spitting out this kid of psycho business babel like everyone else.

What I need to do is quit using bland bullet points to describe what I’ve done at current and past jobs, and stop listing my education because to the majority of people have no idea why I got a major in technology or what I learned from that experience.  I need to explain what I learned and why it makes sense for my career.  Then figure out a way to talk about my other goals of learning Python, data science, and my interest in information security.

Finally, when thinking about how I want potential employers to view my resume and cover letter and what they should learn from it.  There are three questions I want to answer:

Who I am? What I can do for them? What I want to learn?

I need to gut my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and About page on this website and cut the bull.  That’s one of the things I’m looking to do this weekend.